Farm House Project

  • Spice India Farm House is your chance to earn income while we do farming. Experience farm living, at its luxurious best.
  • And you don’t have to travel to the end of civilization to find your rustic paradise.
  • Spice India Farm House Project is located near Mysore, Enroute to Ooty Situated very close to Bandipur Forest with Deer, Wild Pig & Elephants spotted often.
  • It's Fun and Adventurous. Come visit and experience it...!!!
  • Rs.25 lakhs 1/4th acre with Green House and a beautiful Farm house with all amenities.

    How this works?
  • Once the LEGAL Agreement signed between Spice India and customers. .
  • Agriculture work started and your income will start after 90 days of date of agreement. .
  • The company will incur all expenses building Green House, Farm house and vegetation. .
  • The company will own the entire crop and based on Income from the crop Company will pay out. .
  • Your monthly returns on 25 Lakhs will be @ 1% i.e. Rs 25,000/- every month. .
  • You will be owning agriculture land & Dream farm house with luxurious amenities. .
  • Farming will be based on Israel Technology with suitable vegetables/Fruits.